Spain University of Lleida Master Scholarships for Foreign Students 2018

ScholarshipDescription: The University of Lleida is inviting applications for scholarships to master degree programme for foreign students. Students with a foreign degree are invited to apply for these grants. The purpose of the program is to provide financial support for students with a foreign degree that would like to apply for a master’s degree program at the UdL. Scholarship Provider: The main aim of the University of Lleida is the education of its students. We provide high standards of teaching with quality services throughout the university community that reach society beyond the campus gates. Students make up most of the UdL community, and our objective is to ensure that they enjoy the teaching and learning processes involved. Degree Level: Grants are available to pursue Master degree programme. Study Subject: Check here the list of the available master’s degree programmes. Scholarship Benefits: The grant consists in the payment of the amount of the registration, taxes (administrative, academic and study of homologation of foreign degrees), the school insurance and 2.000€ for accommodation and subsistence. The International Relations Unit is in charge of the payment of the registration and the taxes. The payment of the accommodation and subsistence grant will be done through bank transfer in two times: The first payment of 1.000€ at the beginning of the stay The second payment of 1.000€ at the beginning of the second semester. To make effective this last payment it will be necessary to present a report signed by the academic coordinator master’s degree certifying the academic achievement. In case of renovations (grants given during the academic year 17/18 for modality B), the amount of the grant for the accommodation and subsistence will be the one established in the call for grants 17/18. All application forms that fail to meet the established requirements or that are not submitted by the deadline will be dismissed. If the

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