The King’s Living Bursary scheme is open to every full-time home first degree student who has been means-tested with a final income assessment of £42,641 or less, on the £9,250 tuition fee rate. Second degree students on non-graduate entry programmes will be considered eligible, provided they meet the remaining criteria. Please note that you must be means-tested by Student Finance England/Wales/N.Ireland/SAAS even if you do not intend to take up the maintenance loan. You must also give consent to share your household income data with the university. NHS funded and graduate students are not eligible. As a new full-time home undergraduate student starting university in 2017, the level of bursary you receive will depend on your income and that of your household. You must qualify for the bursary by July 2018 for a payment in 2017-18. Eligibility is checked for each year of your course. This bursary is for costs whilst you are studying and does not have to be repaid.

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