History & Politics: Swansea University Research Excellence Scholarships: Militarization of European Society after 1945

Start date: 1 October 2018 Swansea University is proud to offer 15 fully-funded PhD scholarships for students commencing study in October 2018 or January 2019. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of student excellence across a portfolio of 34 potential projects. Project details: Across the political spectrum, studies show that there is increasing acceptance of the belief that military strategies provide solutions to complex social, political, cultural, and economic problems. This is the essence of militarism, the contradictory and tense social processes in which civil society organizes itself for the production of violence. Underlining the need to consider the longer history of such processes, this PhD project will undertake a case study of militarism and processes of militarization in post-1945 Europe. It will address the following questions: How have cultural instruments such as education and religion but also pre-military training sustained militarism? How have mass/social media, literature, and film worked to promote militarization of society and culture? What have been the consequences of this process for security and foreign policy? And finally, what has been the nature of the relationship between militarization and democracy/authoritarianism? The PhD project will entail a detailed case study of cultural processes underlining militarization in one or more (national) societies. The study will consider such processes in the broader context of the long period of transition from ‘industrialized total warfare’ (18th-20th centuries) to ‘global surveillance warfare’ (post-Cold War – early 21st century) as defined by Martin Shaw (2013). The national area(s) of focus (UK, Germany, Italy or Russia), will be negotiated between the student and supervisors, and will depend on the academic background and language competence of the student. The doctoral project will sit within the CRAM (Conflict, Reconstruction and Memory) Research

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